Social Media Management

We did a 1-month social media management package to revitalize their Facebook and Twitter platforms for the month of September 2020.

Website and Social Media Update

We updated their website and social media platforms with the new logo and added complementary images. We also used the star in their logo for profile images.

Google My Business Guide

We took a look at their Google My Business page and created a custom guide to understand all the different parts and how they could optimize sections.

Social Media Guide

After tracking 2 months’ worth of social media posts between what they had been doing before plus the month we managed them and created the best use and in-depth look at how to move forward.


The first step is making sure you are sending a clear, concise, and cohesive look. Once we were able to get the new logo we spent time matching images to the look and feel and put the star in for more on-brand images and left it out on others. They were using a website which was very quick to update, however, we noticed the mobile version had some inconsistencies. So WE fixed them!


The main part of our work was establishing a new way of posting social media. Using themed days and a mix of premium photos, branded premium photos, and photos with Jamie and/or his clients. Our goal was to show consistent activity while reaching out to get more engagement. Sometimes time is what we need but towards the end of the month people were beginning to catch on!

  • Get the same reach prior to Covid-19 times.
  • Introduce a new look.
  • Be consistent on posting activity
  • Complete an A/B Facebook advertising test run.
  • Create an in-depth Social Media Guide.