Big Projects

We worked with many big clients through GES Events designing graphics for corporate events and more!

Event Graphics

We took on the graphic manifest for a Plexus corporate event. In the manifest we had every bit of information you would need from each booth graphic size, color, substrate, and placement. We assisted with a Mary Kay corporate event as well. That one was even bigger!

Response For Proposal (RFP)

We worked with GES on two separate RFP’s, one for Juenesse in which we help win a multi-million dollar bid. The other was for a government project where we designed the look and feel for the event.

RFP Conversion

One of our last projects with GES Events was to convert an RFP for Porsche into a PowerPoint presentation. This just goes to show our versatility and experience.


We took ownership of the Plexus graphic manifest. This was one of our main projects. We utilized InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. With those we adjusted photos, logo placement on photos, event themed graphics, and more. The manifest started at 32 pages and grew to 164 pages. This was the document used for setting up the entire event which gave direction to individual booth setups locations and graphic treatments.

InDesign hours
InDesign Pages
Individual Graphics
GES Event Projects Worked On


A response for proposal is a presentation that addresses a specific set of requirements by a company that is looking for bids from event companies for their event. The best ideas that can effectively represent the company and their theme as well as a dynamic presentation that has that WOW factor typically wins the bid. Obviously cost is a factor, however, some companies are willing to stretch their dollar if the concept is well-conceived and conveyed.

  • We worked with 14 other people remotely across the US for Juenesse
  • We found applicable images when requested
  • We revised contextual content based on input after each revision
  • We researched and found the best way to print and assemble the presentation
  • We managed to assemble multiple decks and get them shipped on time with a very tight deadline!

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