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[rt_highlight]Werner Elements[/rt_highlight] works with many different mediums and formats. [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] have a wide range of freelance artists with an immense amount of talent. Below you will see a small explination of what we can offer your business and the process you can expect when working with [rt_highlight]Werner Elements[/rt_highlight].

To view our portfolio please select from one of the menu categories.

Just as[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] offer 3 tier pricing,[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] also offer 3 levels of experience with our creatives. And,[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] know each and every one of our local artists (we do not farm work out overseas); so, you will know you are getting the personal attention you deserve.

[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h4″]Our Services[/rt_heading]

Yes,[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can do that![rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] offer many services beyond what is listed below. If it can be created, animated, motioned, printed or envisioned,[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can do it. CONTACT US for further details.

Web Development

In today’s world, your website is the first impression potential customers will see. It may be the deciding factor as to whether or not they will use your services or products. [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can pump up your web presence and tailor it to your story and vision.[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can make it cohesive with your brand and [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] will even take the time to train you on how to run it when you are ready.

Branding, Social Media

Your company’s visual representation and online presence are more important than ever. [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can help develop your brand while creating and maintaining a social media force to be reckoned with.[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] offer packages from 3 months to a full year of postings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can do that and more!

Company Videos, How To, Product Highlights

Do you have a complicated product, or maybe you just need a robust company video portfolio or history. Have a new product and want to increase the visibility with a product highlight video. [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] can do that, and more. Spice it up with motion graphics or add an animation.

Professional Photograpy

[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] have several phenomenal photographers at your disposal ready to help frame your business with high-end photos ranging from products, buildings, staff portraits, action poses and candid poses.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Let your sales team focus on generating leads while[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] create the materials to help you sell. From printed and/or digital products that help the sales team deliver to sell sheets, presentations, interactive PDFs, rich content PDFs, online deliverables, and CD/DVD/flash drive deliverables,[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] have what you need to close the deal.

[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h4″]Your Voice Visualized[/rt_heading]

No one knows your business and customers better than you.[rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] want to hear your story and put that personality into your project with us. Let us assist in getting better visibility with your current customers and clients but also expand your presence to include the larger Baby Boomer, Millennial and Generation Y markets.

[rt_heading style=”style-4″ size=”h3″ punchline=””]Highlighted artists [rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] work with![/rt_heading][staff_box list_layout=”1/4″ ids=”1869,1867,1871,1873″ list_orderby=”date” list_order=”DESC”]
[rt_counter number=”25″]Web Design Projects[/rt_counter]
[rt_counter number=”10″]Video Productions[/rt_counter]
[rt_counter number=”10″]Animations[/rt_counter]
[rt_counter number=”100″]Graphic Designs[/rt_counter]
[rt_heading style=”style-4″ size=”h4″ punchline=”Start Here”]Process of working with [rt_highlight]Werner Elements[/rt_highlight][/rt_heading][rt_timeline][rt_tl_event month=”Step” year=”1″ title=”Initial Discovery Meeting”]30-minute free consultation to discuss your vision and how we will achieve it.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”Step” year=”2″ title=”Second Discovery Meeting”]If needed, we’ll have a second, more in-depth discussion, and then put together a proposal that outlines your project with a timeline, requirements, expectations, additional costs (if needed), budget and payment schedule.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”Step” year=”3″ title=”Agree on Contract”][rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] will create and sign a contract and then begin work once the first payment is received.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”Step” year=”4″ title=”Progress Updates”][rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] will update you with progress of work with sketches, mockups, and near final products (as outlined in the contract) to help maintain room for revisions without going over budget.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”Step” year=”5″ title=”Project Conclusion”][rt_highlight]WE[/rt_highlight] hand over the final work once payment in full is received and will set up a project close meeting to assure you are completely satisfied with the project.[/rt_tl_event][/rt_timeline]

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